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Spring Activities: Earth Day, Color by Number, and Fractions Freebie!

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Spring has got to be one of my favorite seasons of the year. After five long months of cold winter here in Michigan spring brings a much needed warmth, the joy of hearing the birds' sing and the first sightings of new life with the flowers beginning to poke through the ground. This past fall my daughter and I planted some tulip bulbs which proved to be quite a task with the depth required for the holes and the hard ground we were working with. We are now reaping the rewards from all our hard work as we begin to see small green and purple shoots poking through the ground. Each time we walk past the tulips we check to see how much they've grown. We are eager to see what colors they will be! Tulips are kind of a big deal where we live near Holland, Michigan where we are known for our "Tulip Time" celebration of our strong Dutch roots.  

I hope you all have enjoyed your spring breaks! We all can use a good break now and then! I've been busy working on some fun new spring-themed products that I think you and your students will really enjoy! Since my color by number activities have been so popular I made another three sets for spring! Once again they are available in an addition and subtraction to 10 set, a two-digit addition and subtraction to 100 set and a multiplication and division facts 0-12 set. ​

Earth Day is right around the corner! Friday, April 22, 2016! Here's a fun little writing craft mobile I put together for students to learn about Earth Day. It also includes 15 writing papers that could be used throughout the year!

To make your own Earth Day mobile, staple two paper plates together as shown in the picture below. Punch a hole through the top of the paper plates and four holes along the bottom edge. Thread yarn through the holes to attach to the ceiling

and to attach the extra hanging images. Have students write about ways they can help save the earth (i.e. plant a tree) on each of the pictures included (raindrop, recycling bin, trash can and tree). Hang them up in your classroom or make into a hallway display!


Have student write more detailed stories of how they can help save the earth using the extra writing papers included. I also included a page full of writing prompts to get you started. Each page includes an image to also spark ideas such as a hand washing dishes in the sink (conserving water), a bicycle (ride a bike instead of driving), a recycling bin filled with plastic jugs and more!

I also have some fun spring fractions activities in my store. These coloring pages teach students to identify fractions, compare and order fractions. There are also pages that give students practice in identifying equivalent fractions. Click the image below for a free sample!

Find this freebie in my TpT store! Please note the answers are wrong on this it says "order from greatest to least" and not "least to greatest"!

Click on the Images below to check out the full Products!

Thanks for stopping by!

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