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Animal Information

Nature Works
Use this website to research about many different types of animals.

Enchanted Learning
Use this website to find diagrams and pictures of different animals.

Animal Needs
Play this game to find out what things animals need to survive such as oxygen, climate, food, water, and shelter/protection.

Animal Adaptations
This game helps us learn how to identify different types of adaptations that animals use to survive in their environment.

This is a fun website to help you learn how animals are designed with specialized body parts to survive in their unique habitat. 

Magic School Bus Habitats 
Play the Magic School Bus Habitats Match-Up game to learn more about some endangered species and the habitats that they call home. 

Rocks & Minerals

Geology for Kids
Games, videos, facts, and lessons on rocks and other science-related topics can be found here.


Minerals in Your Home
See how many different objects in your home are minerals!

Rock Collecting 
Tons of resources on rocks, minerals and how to get started with your own collection! Special thanks to Mrs. Gold's class in Colorado Springs for finding this gem for us!

Space Exploration

Moon Phases
View a calendar of the different moon phases. You can even select the month and year you want to know about.

Space Games
Find lots of space games on NASA's official website. Explore the International Space Station or check out our Solar Systems. Lots to do here!

Mars Blastoff
Load your spacecraft with items that would be good to take on your long journey to Mars.


Deep Sea Fish
Wow! Ever want to know anything about the fish that live in the bottom of the ocean? Click on the name of any fish and learn all about it!

Ocean Animals of the Light Zones
Find lots of clipart, coloring pages, and other printables of ocean creatures here!

General Science

Ask for Kids
Research any topic by typing keywords into the search engine.

Museum of Science and Industry
Learn about the exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry.

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