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“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” –Luke 12:48



Cool Math for Kids
This website has all kinds of fun activities, games, and lessons on math. Learn all about different methods for solving problems, such as the lattice method. Great for all ages from 3 years old up to middle school algebra.

This website explains what tessellations are. Click on the “Do it Yourself” tab and learn how to make your own unique creations!


Logic Games

Brain Teasers
This website has lots of fun puzzles and riddles to solve including some optical illusions.

More Brain Teaser Games
Check out this website for fun brain teasers like Pascal's triangle.

Higher Level Thinking Activities
This website has all kinds of higher-level thinking activities.

Logic Games
This website has all kinds of fun interactive games such as Mastermind, Rubik’s Cube, 15 Puzzle and many more. Be sure to select carefully as all games may not be appropriate.

Interactive Puzzles
This website has all kinds of really cool puzzles that you can solve on-line. Most of these puzzles will be new to you so see if you can solve them!

Set Game
This is a game of visual perception and logic. It is a great game that helps develop higher order thinking skills and is a lot of fun too!

Forged Coin
Can you guess which coin out of 12 is forged with only three tries on a balance scale?

Game of NIM
The player that takes the last stone(s) from the only remaining pile wins.

Rubik’s Puzzles
This website has all sorts of Rubik’s puzzles including Rubik’s Clock, Fifteen, Illusion, Maze, and Tangle.



Learn how to make really cool origami animals and shapes on this website. Also, see some really neat designs that have already been created.

Multiple Intelligence Survey
Find out your greatest strengths and how you learn best by taking this survey.


Purchase Games

Mind Ware
Here you can order many of the fun, challenging games.

Fat Brain Toys
Lots of fun games and activities you can purchase for use at home.

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