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This website is a collection of my favorite teaching resources, and those of my teaching friends (thanks BCS teachers!), found on the web. The majority of the resources are free! Most are for grades PreK-8th as those are the levels I taught. Sorry, I don't have much for high school students (check the Homework page for most high school links) but I may add that in the future so be sure to check back on occasion. Also, remember that some of these resources, although not designed for high school students, can be a good review for them as well.

I have organized these websites according to subject area and grade level. First, select the subject area you would like. On that page, you will find the websites listed in order starting with lower elementary and working up to middle school or high school. If you see a star next to a website that means it reaches across grade levels (see my color-coding chart below for specific descriptions). I have section titles before websites to give you a general idea of what the following websites include and under each weblink there is a short description specific to that website. This is to help you find exactly what you are looking for without having to click on each link! Below you will find my color-coding system for websites. Please note that some website did not give specific grade levels so I did my best to assess which levels I felt they covered. In addition, just because a website is labeled at a lower or higher education level than your child is at please remember that each child is unique. Some students may need more review on a lower level website while others may need an extra challenge and a higher level website may be better suited for them.

Color-Coding Grade Level System:
*L=Lower Elementary (PreK-2nd), *U=Upper Elementary (3rd-5th), *MS=Middle School (6th-8th), *HS=High School (9th-12th), *ALL= All Grades (PreK-8th) (some websites may have a combination such as *LU which means it includes resources for lower and upper elementary but not middle school or high school).

This section is where you will find extra-curricular subjects such as Spanish and computers as well as special education and academically talented resources. There are also a few other fun, helpful resources I put here so be sure to check them out! The resources found on these pages are mostly multi-age/grade and therefore I did not bother putting stars next to each one.

In this section, you will find a link to my TpT store where you can purchase curriculum and materials that I have designed/created throughout my years of teaching. There are also several free resources found here! You will also find a link to my Pinterest page filled with TONS of free resources and ideas for fun projects to do with your kids.

Click on this link to read my blog where I'll be featuring a new website each month. I will pick one website a month to describe in detail or I may discuss a teaching strategy or idea in depth or share a craft idea or just share some fun, new ideas or stories from my life with you!

Feel free to email me you with questions or suggestions for my website. I would love to hear about your favorite finds on the web and bring them to the attention of others so more can enjoy!

Hope you enjoy my website!

~ Kelsea ~




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