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15+ Fun Spring Crafts

Updated: May 18, 2023

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links which means if you purchase through the link I will receive a small commission. This helps keep my website up and running. Thank you!

It’s that fun time of year when baby animals start to make their appearances, flowers bloom and spring rain falls. I love all the cute spring crafts you can make with your students this time of the year. So I put together this list of 15+ spring crafts perfect for a spare time activity or end of the year - you just need to do something to get through the last few weeks of school - kind of activity! ;)

1. Egg Carton Chicks

How cute are these little egg carton chicks? Sweet, simple, and fun! Find out how to make these adorable little chicks over at

2. Cherry Blossom Handprint Tree

I love how this art project uses the child’s hand and armprint as the tree. I’m imagining that this would be an adorable craft to frame as a keepsake to remember how small your child once was. Click here to learn more about this fun spring craft.

3. Peter Rabbit

As rabbits emerge and bunnies make their appearance, The Tale of Peter Rabbit starts to become a more popular story - especially with the recent release of the movie. I stumbled across this amazing Peter Rabbit art project. Laura, over at Painted Paper Art, has a step by step lesson that you can follow about the project. Check it out.

4. Van Gogh Sunflowers

If you enjoyed the Peter Rabbit project above, you might also love Laura's Van Gogh Sunflower lesson which you can download for free on TeachersPayTeachers.

5. Tissue Paper Sunflowers

There is something beautiful about the simplicity of sunflowers, and filling a bulletin board with sunflower art just brings a smile. Check out these beautiful tissue paper sunflowers that a friend of mine created with her class of Second Graders. To create this project, she first had her students draw two sunflowers on the page. Then they used paints to add color. After the paint was dry, she had students glue pieces of tissue paper to the yellow portion of the flower. Some students were able to use the classic “tissue paper on the end of a pencil” trick, and other students simply crumpled the tissue paper and glued it into place. Both methods worked great and it created this 3D art project.

6. Paper Plate Flower

It just wouldn't be spring without some beautiful, brightly colored flowers like these adorable paper plate flowers! I love that these are 3D too! They would make a beautiful spring bulletin board to add a little color and flare to your classroom. These would make great Mother's Day gifts as well along with a handwritten card from the child. Learn how to make them here.

7. Foam Cup Butterfly Craft

And after creating some 3D flowers, you can create these adorable 3D butterflies! All you need for this project is some styrofoam cups, pipe cleaners, paint, paper, and googly-eyes. Check out this full tutorial for foam cup butterflies.

8. Bird Nests

Do you love the sound of birds chirping as much as I do? I find it the perfect reminder of how beautiful God's Creation is! Anyways, a fellow teacher, Missusbee123, was doing a unit all about birds and as an art project, she created these bird nests, complete with pale blue robin eggs. Check them out here! And check out some of her other awesome creations! This teacher LOVES doing art with her class. Another fun bird's nest craft you can make with your students is these editable bird's nests made out of chow mien noodles, chocolate, and peanut butter with mini marshmallows for eggs. My kids loved making (and especially eating) them!

9. Paper Flowers

Not only are these paper flowers beautiful, but they also allow students to practice their fine motor skills as they bend the paper and manipulate it into the correct shapes. Put these together to make a fun bouquet! Learn how to make these over at

10. 3D Beehive Paper Craft

If you enjoyed the paper flowers craft above, you will probably love doing this 3D bee project. Again, it gives students great fine motor practice as they manipulate the pieces into place. You can find a full tutorial on how to make this fun spring craft over at

11. Watercolor Flowers

If you’re looking for a fun and simple art project, have your students draw different flowers using a pencil and then paint them with water colors. While this might be a simple project, your students will love the freedom to be creative!

12. Art Hub Mother Duck and Ducklings

Have you heard of Mr. Art Hub before? He has a fun youtube channel where he does directed drawing lessons with his children. This is a fun paper craft project of a mother duck and her ducklings based on this video.

Some bonus Spring Art Hub drawings:

13. How to Draw a Sunflower

14. How to Draw a Baby Bird

15. How to Draw a Spring Tree

16. How to Draw a Rain Cloud and Sun

Do you have favorite spring art and craft projects? If you have pictures, I’d love to see!

Want More Fun Spring Themed Activities? Here are a few of our Favorites...

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