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Social Studies


Brain Pop
This website has short videos you can watch to learn all about the US government and elections. You can also take a short quiz following each video.

Time For Kids: Elections

Weekly Reader: Elections
These websites are both great for learning about the current issues facing our country and the presidential candidates.


Geography Jeopardy
Have fun playing this jeopardy game as you improve your geography and map skills.

Continents and Oceans Jeopardy
Have fun playing this jeopardy game as you learn more about the seven continents and four oceans.

Latitude & Longitude *U
Practice identifying coordinates of latitude and longitude and help the pirate find his treasures!

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt
All you want to know about Ancient Egypt can be found on these three websites.


This website teaches students about immigration in fun ways like taking a virtual field trip of Ellis Island.

Countries & States

Country Facts
Want to learn the facts about a particular country? This website will help you do just that.

Country Reports
This website has lots of information for your county reports. You can find a picture of your countries flag, a map of your country and lots of other facts about your country.

Names from around the world
This website has thousands of people's names from around the world. 

State Games
Test your knowledge of state names and their capitals with several fun games on this website.

States & Capitals
A fun matching game to help students learn the states and capitals.

50 States that Rhyme Song & Activities
This website not only includes a really fun song to learn the 50 states but also has links to lots of activities and resources for memorizing the 50 states and their capitals.

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