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Starfall *L
Fun educational websites like this one help children learn to read! Have words read to students aloud one letter sound at a time. You can also select which word families to practice. 

ABC Computers *L
All kinds of computer games to help you learn the alphabet and other basic skills. (Letters and Numbers)

Read-Aloud Stories *L
Listen to stories read to you aloud by famous actors and actresses. The stories are animated (YouTube videos).

Read-Along Sentences *L
This website displays a picture and sentence and highlights the words as the sentence is read aloud. Next, you are asked to identify one of the words in the sentence.

Silly Books *L
Click on a book cover to have the story read aloud to you! The words are also displayed and change colors as the reader reads them.

Scholastic Books *ALL
Check out all the latest children's books or play some interactive games. This website is a bit cluttered but you can find some fun games on the Kids page.


Comprehension Strategies *LUMS
Type in your name to get a key to access this page where you will learn about different comprehension strategies such as visualizing and summarizing.

Harcourt Reading *U
This website goes along with the Harcourt Reading textbook for grade 3 and is filled with tons of fun, interactive activities.

Fun Brain *ALL
Read books, write stories, or play games on this fun website.

Storyline Online *L
This is a fun website where celebrities read books aloud to children. There are free printable to go along with each story too!



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