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Preschool Links

Ready for School
Is your child ready to start school? Find out with this list of requirements.

Busy Binders

As a homeschool mom these activities are great for keeping the younger ones busy while mom works with the older kiddos. Lots of great activities for practicing letters, numbers, name recognition, and more!

PBS Kids
Interactive activities on your kid's favorite shows or books. Help them identify objects with these fun activities.

Snowflake Photos
Check out God's masterpieces!

Jan Brett's website
Games, coloring pages, learn to draw and more! While you're there learn how to draw a hedgehog with this video.

Play Grow Read!
Check out the following link from Kent District Library. There's a heap of great information and fun activities for you to do with your young learners, ages 0-6. You can even find printable activities in both English and Spanish.


Other Fun Sites

Puzzle of the Day
Solve this board puzzle as fast as you can by moving the pieces around.

Scholastic Games and Activities
This website has lots of fun games and activities for the younger students.

Hidden pictures, stories, games, crafts, recipes, and much more!

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