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Spanish for Kids
Find loads of educational websites on this page including this website that has tons of games, videos, songs, printable worksheets, quizzes, and more.

Spanish Word Bingo Game
Select two categories such as Clothing and Transportation, select a grid, and select English to Spanish or vice versa. Listen to the words read aloud and click on the correct matching word in the other language. Get three in a row for a Bingo!

Spanish Word Toss Game
Select a category such as animals and then select Spanish to English or English to Spanish and try to match the English words with the Spanish words and pop the balloons with darts. Great way to review your Spanish vocabulary words!

Spanish Words, Puzzles, and More
Hear a native speaker say the words you want to learn in Spanish. This is a great website for beginners. Lots of fun activities like crosswords and word finds too!

Spanish Vocabulary Practice
Don't let the fact that this website is completely in Spanish scare you away! If you click on the links such as "ejercicios de vocabulario" and then pick a category such as "la casa" you will see pictures of familiar objects and a drop-down menu where you can select the correct Spanish word that matches the picture. When you have completed that lesson click on the word "Comprobar" to check your answers. It will put a check next to your correct responses and an X next to the incorrect ones. Click "Borrar" to start over. There are some English explanations in parenthesis if you look carefully.  

Spanish Review
Learn all kinds of words through this fun interactive website.

Free Printables
Free sample printable to help teach your child Spanish sight words.

English to Spanish Online Dictionary
Search the dictionary to see translations of English to Spanish words.

Learn to Speak Spanish *ALL+HS
Hear Spanish pronunciations, review Spanish vocabulary, grammar and more.

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