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Computer Basics

Computer Terminology
This website includes basic computer terminology with pictures. It's even helpful for adults!



Typing Games
This website has several fun and free typing games to help you practice and sharpen your keyboarding skills.

Keyboarding Practice
Choose from over 20 typing game or 5 typing test websites. Thank you to Mrs. Graves class from Mt. Gilead, OH for finding this gem for us!

Computer Games
Tons of fun games for grades K-5 to help learn the keyboard and type. You just have to look through the "Letters" section or the "More" section for the computer games.

Learn to Type More Efficiently
This website has links to lots of other typing websites to learn your keyboard and typing tests. A big thanks to Conner in Ms. Taylor's class from Colorado Springs for finding this gem!

Finger Positions and Practice

Here is a website that has a list of several websites to help you learn finger positions on the keyboard as well as fun games to help you practice. Thanks to Cora in Ms. Edwards class from Salt Lake City, Utah for finding this gem for us!



PDF Converters


Another free download. Once downloaded, it's super easy to use. When you want to convert a document to a pdf (for looks or so others can't edit your work) you just go file>print and you select 'thecutepdfwriter' as your printer. Then the save as screen appears and you can name it and save it where you want.



Search Engines &

Internet Safety

K9 Protection
This is a free download that allows you to pick what content you want to be blocked
. You can even set time restrictions so your kids can't go on the internet after a certain time of night.

Kid Rex
A safe way for kids to search the internet!

Search Engines for Kids
From to CyberSleuth...lots of ways for kids to search the internet.

Facebook Scams
Protect your children from Facebook scams by reading this article on the 9 most common scams.

Phishing Examples
Phishing is a scam where people try to "fish" for private information from you such as your credit card number. Check out these real-life
examples so you can avoid being their next target.



Use this website to make really neat presentations...much fancier than Power

This website allows you to make animated GIF images (slideshows) that you can turn into Pinterest pins! Check out my blog post about it 


Videos & Screencasts

This is really fun! You can make a video of your computer screen and record your
voice as you walk through the steps of how to do something. Oh, and it's a free download!


This website is similar to Jing in that you can record videos of your computer screen along with your voice. There is a free version and a paid version. The paid version is around $18/year and has some really great editing tools. I highly recommend it if you do not already have a video editing program on your computer.

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