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Special Needs


All Kinds of Minds
All Kinds of Minds is a website that gives parents and educators information regarding students who struggle with learning and attention and offers ideas to help build students’ strengths.

Christian Learning Center (CLC Network)
The CLC Network is near and dear to my heart since I use to work with them! Here you will find a wealth of inclusive education resources and support services from evaluation services to online courses. They even have home and church support programs and books.

Multiple Intelligences
Howard Gardner developed a theory of multiple intelligences that includes the following intelligences: verbal/linguistic, visual/spatial, bodily/kinesthetic, 
logical/mathematical, musical/rhythmic, naturalist, intrapersonal, and interpersonal. Determine your strengths through this online inventory. 

Learning Styles
This 20 question test will determine whether you are an auditory, visual or tactile learner.

Study Skills for Students with ADD
This guide shares 100 self-help and study skills for students with ADD.

Flashcards, Worksheets, & Games 
Create and print your own flashcards or worksheets. There are also interactive flashcards, games, and worksheets as well as a homework helper!

Interactive Math
Search by math topic or grade level. Interactive math practice and explanations, as well as challenge games, can be found on this website. Get immediate feedback when solving problems.

SET Game
This is a game of visual perception and logic. It is a great game that helps develop higher order thinking skills and is a lot of fun too!

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