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Web Design

Website Creation Tools


My all-time favorite tool for web design! This is one of the most user-friendly website creation tools I have found. You can create a free blog or website with this tool or upgrade to the Pro version for only $50 a year for 10 websites!

Purchase a domain name through this website. You can also create your website through GoDaddy which seems to be pretty user-friendly.

Free website creation tool with thousands of templates. Pretty easy to use once you get used to it but not so easy to set up unless you know your stuff.

Also allows you to create a free website or upgrade to use your own domain name. This website has some great SEO tools included and is very user-friendly. This is the tool I used to create this website!

HTML Links

Hyperlink Generator

Design a custom link with different colors and types like an automatic download link with this easy hyperlink generator.

HTML Map Creator
This website allows you to add links to an image. This is great for blog hops where people click on different logos within an image to go to different blogs. The only downfall is you can't save your work on the site so make sure you have the correct links before you start!

Embed Code Generator
This website quickly creates an embedded code for you to use with any URL. Great for link-ups, videos and other forms of media.

Image Code Generator
Easily create code for any image and adjust the size and border with this HTML code generator. This website also offers code generators for text, links, tables and much more!

HTML Color Tools

HTML Color Code Chart
Select a color you like and this website will give you that color HTML code. You can also enter color codes and it will show you their color.
Upload your own pictures or logos and this website will give you the HTML color codes of your pictures! This is extremely helpful for creating a beautiful color coordinating template theme for your website.
Royalty free customizable clip-art can be found on this website. You can upload your own pictures and turn them into unique clip's really fun and free!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Domain Tools
Search any domain name and it will tell you who (if anyone) owns it. You can also find helpful information such as your websites SEO score and suggestions for improving it.

Google Analytics
Sign up for a free account to monitor your website's stats. See where traffic to your site is coming from, how many hits your site gets each day, what pages are most viewed, how long people stay on your website and much more.

Google's Web Cache Tool
This is a really neat tool that shows you what Google sees when it sends out its Google Bot tool to search your page in order to categorize it. You can enter your own domain name in the address bar at the top of the page...just replace the current website's address ( with your website's address and your page should appear. Click on the "Text-Only Version" on the top right corner of the page to see what Google sees. Since Google cannot read pictures it will be helpful to add alternative text to your images.

Broken Links Checker
This website will find all the broken links on your website. It gives you the URL to where the broken link is found and will show you the code for that specific link so you can go back and fix it.

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