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March is Reading Month Math? Why Yes!

March is reading month math? Why yes! You can't skip math completely during the month of March so why not make it reading-related and carry the theme of the month into math?! Well I can help you do just that with my latest products! I have created three color by number activities with a reading theme. These are fun coloring pages where students have to solve math problems and use their answer to color the picture according to the code at the bottom of the page. ​

All of the pictures are reading-related. There is a stack of books, a bookworm reading a book, an open book, word art made with the word "read", a classroom reading corner, a super-hero book, a bookworm sitting on top of a stack of books and a cute bear reading a book. As with all of my color by number activities they come in three editions. One for addition and subtraction to 10, one for two-digit addition and subtraction to 100 and one for multiplication and division facts 0-12.

Each pack has eight color by number activities (with colored answer keys), four addition (or multiplication) and four subtraction (or division). ​These activities work great for morning work or spare time activities for early finishers. Just keep them in a folder where students can easily access when they completed their work. You could also include a colored copy of each picture for students to self-correct when they are done!

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