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Great Summer Field Trips for Homeschoolers

Looking for some great summer field trips for homeschoolers?

It may seem like a daunting task to find field trips that will hold their interest. But there’s actually more at your fingertips than you think. Get your kids started on these great homeschool field trips soon!

Get a National Parks Pass and Explore A family pass to national parks is actually quite affordable and it includes an entire year of fun, with entrance to all of the parks in the nation. This leads to some great summer field trips for homeschoolers. National parks include sites like Old Faithful Geyser, tall glaciers, mountain slopes, an abundance of wildlife, natural rock formations, train rides, hikes, loads of fun and educational activities and sights, and so much more. State Parks Are Also Noteworthy Parks located right in your state can offer some of the same benefits as national parks. Some of these will be free and some will be official state parks that are included in a local state parks. Residents usually get a discount on their local state parks pass, as compared to travelers. Also, consider a longer stay and camp out, as some of these offer camping and swimming too, which holds more learning opportunities! See Some IMAX Films IMAX films make for some great summer field trips for homeschoolers, as they are often very educational. Sometimes, these will be at your local movie theater. Other times, they may be located inside a museum or planetarium. Many are centered around scientific topics (be sure to use discretion and preview prior) , which is excellent for learning. For the most fun, combined with education, try to stick to topics you know the kids will enjoy. Take a Geocaching Trip Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity where you use a GPS or mobile device to play a sort of hide and seek game. You use coordinates to look for hidden containers with log books to record your name when you found it and some even have small trading toys. There are often guided geocaching tours. But you can also do this for free. Research your local area to see what’s available. Ask around in parenting and homeschooling groups and meetups. This way, your kids can interact with fellow homeschoolers and friends. Geocaching trips can make for some great summer field trips for homeschoolers because they require keeping busy and active for long periods of time. The kids can learn about natural formations and also get in some geography, critical thinking and survival skills. Go Swimming at a Local Lake or Beach Hanging out at lakes and beaches make for great summer field trips for homeschoolers. It’s a fun way to spend the day, while learning about aquatic life, plants, and how to swim. The kids can get a good workout and maybe even meet some new friends or spend time with existing ones. If allowed in your area, consider collecting driftwood, shells, and seaweed with the kids for even more educational fun.

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