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Great Summer Activities for Homeschoolers

Keeping your kids excited about learning over the summer can prove to be a challenge at times. But it doesn’t have to be! Some ideas might be right in your own backyard. Here are some great summer activities for homeschoolers that help keep them entertained and educated.

Join a Summer Sports Club

Learning sports is a fun part of every education. Summer sports clubs have long been one of the great summer activities that exist for homeschoolers. This is because it gives the kids something they can do, while also teaching them good sportsmanship. They can also make new friends, learn how to interact with others, get some exercise, and more.

Mommy’s Helper and Babysitting Skills

This is a great way to help teach your kids some life skills. If they have younger skills, let them help around the house during summer months. They can help you with tasks involving the younger ones. Depending on their age, homeschooled kids can also enroll in local babysitting classes for more advanced skills. This is a summer activity that can last a lifetime, as it teaches important skills for your homeschooler’s future.

Hold a Lemonade Stand and Bake Sale

Looking for more great summer activities for homeschoolers? Try this classic, yet still very useful, idea. Have the kids hold a summer lemonade stand and bake sale. They can learn math, learn how to manage a business, keep busy, supply the neighborhood with tasty snacks, learn baking skills, and more! This summer activity is packed with both education and fun.

Take a Hike

Looking for more great summer activities for homeschoolers? Take a hike! No, literally. Grab the kids and head to the nearest trails to explore. You can take a walk around your neighborhood, take the back trails near your neighborhood if yours has some, or even head to the closest nature preserve that has trails. This is a completely free educational activity that teaches kids about wildlife and geography, while encouraging them to get some exercise.

Make Crafts from Natural Items

While on that hike, collect some items from nature, where it’s allowed. Things like fallen leaves, rocks, stray branches, pine cones, and moss all make for some awesome craft projects. These items can be pressed, laminated, glued, painted with, painted on, and so much more. Let your kids and their imaginations run wild to create many days of great summer activities for homeschoolers.

Do you have any tips you want to add to our list?

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