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Featured Website of the Month (Sept.) - URL Shortener

Have you seen those short URL links that everyone seems to be using these days? These can be great if you don't want to waste a lot of space with a long URL. Maybe I'm just behind the times since I don't use Twitter and I image they were created for platforms like that where you are only allowed a certain number of characters. I have found it to be great for posting links on Facebook or even for your TpT slogan area where you are only allowed a few characters.

Google has their own URL shortener that is very easy to use. Simply copy and paste your link into the box and click, "Shorten URL" and it will give you a link to copy. The best part is it keeps track of all your links and gives you stats on how many people clicked on each one. You can click on "Details" to get even more stats including where the referrals came from (i.e. Facebook, Pinterest, etc.). It also gives you a little preview of each link if you check the box to select. It is really nice to have this quick visual without having to click on the link and open the page. The best part is it's free! Check it out at

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