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Featured Website of the Month (March) - Reading

In the words of Dr Seuss, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Isn’t that true? Reading opens up an amazing avenue to adventure. Creativity and imagination can be unleashed to lead us into worlds we never imaged. Reading lets us learn facts, delve into stories, and go on incredible adventures. There is something so special about opening the world of books and introducing the wonder of reading to a child.

From a young age, many children long to read. They yearn to open books and understand the words that dance across the pages. This month’s website feature is a website that helps students engage in learning how to read. The website is complete with games and activities to help young children learn letter songs, blending skills, and other reading skills.

A friend of mine has several students who learned reading skills through the Starfall website. That being said, it is important to note that a website, alone, cannot teach a child how to read. It is essential for children to get practice reading to an adult. Engaging a child in reading is key to helping them learn. The Starfall website is a tool that will help to reinforce the skills you are teaching your child or students.

On the website, there are several free games and activities that kids can complete. If your child or students engage well with the website, there is an option to purchase a year-long membership to access all the material.

The website has a variety of activities. There are ABC games where students learn about the letters and their sounds. There is a Learn to Read section full of games where students delve into family words and reading simple CVC stories. In one game, students are given the word family ending, such as “an”. Then they are shown a picture and have to select the correct starting letter to make the word. For example, if the word family ending “an” was given and a picture of a pan was shown, students would have to select the ‘p’ in order to make the word say ‘pan’.

The website also has simple reading games, where students get to read simple sentences that correspond with various illustrations. If they struggle with a word, there is a button that they can click. A voice will then read the words to the students. Thus, the website not only appeals to visual learners, but it also caters to auditory learners.

Starfall is easy to navigate, which is great for kids. The website is definitely kid-friendly. There are pictures to help the child. For example, if a child clicks the ear icon, the words will be read for them. An arrow icon leads students to the next section of the activity.

If you are looking for a new resource to help your little ones learn to love reading, this website might be just the thing to try. But do remember, as I said earlier, a website can’t replace a human. It is so important for kids to see adults engaging in books. Have you found any great resources that have helped your children fall in love with books and reading?

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