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Featured Website of the Month (Jan.): Kid Crafts & Templates + A Giveaway

Over Christmas break we were invited to participate in a cookie exchange. My kids wanted to make gingerbread men cookies. So, I went to the store and bought molasses and a few other ingredients we needed. When the time came to make the cookies I couldn't find my cookie cutters anywhere! I spent several hours searching through boxes in our basement (moving troubles) and came up empty. So, I had to improvise! I googled "gingerbread man template" and that's how I came across this website full of templates and crafts for all occasions!  ​

This website had all kinds of options from one gingerbread man on a page to four smaller ones. I went with the smaller ones to make the perfect size cookie. It was a pain to do it this way but was better than trying to make the shape by hand. Oh and afterwards my kids wanted to do play dough so I got out the supplies for them and guess what was in the tub? Yep! A gingerbread man cookie cutter! :O (where's a crying emoji face when you need it?)

So...long story short, the one good thing that came out of my cookie nightmare (after all my kids got sick and we ended up with a boat load of gingerbread man cookies and no cookie exchange to go to - great fun!) was that I found this great new website to share with all of you! It's called First Palette and it's full of fun craft ideas and templates. You can search for crafts by theme, occasion, season, and age. There are step by step tutorials with pictures for how to put together each craft and printable templates for many of them. If you click on "Printables" at the top you can search for printable templates in their library of templates (pages and pages of templates!). They even have fun mask templates and the best part is they are all free!

Newsletter subscribers be on the look out for the January newsletter where I will be sharing a bonus website full of awesome ideas and helpful resources for kid crafts. Oh and I'm starting a monthly giveaway for my newsletter subscribers too! This month I'll be giving away a craft toolkit so you can try out some of the fun crafts on these websites (see below)! 

So there you go! I hope you enjoy the First Palette website! If you have other great websites you like to use for kid crafts please share them in the comments! Be sure to enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a craft toolkit valued at $50 that includes a full-size hot glue gun with 10pc glue sticks, 8 dot markers as well as my bingo dauber phonics activities and my mini book templates!

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