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Featured Website of the Month (Jan.) - Bible

“Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” ~Psalm 119:105

I think many of us have read or memorized this verse at one time or another in our spiritual journey. It has been put into songs, turned into wall art, and put onto stationary. This verse is near and dear to many people’s hearts because it is a beautiful reminder that Scripture is important.

There is no greater joy in life than introducing a child to the love of Jesus. We tell them Bible stories, we teach them about who God is, we tell them stories about what God has done in our own lives. Another way to bring greater understanding, is to teach children Biblical literacy. This means to teach them how to navigate the Bible and find information in it. There are, of course, several ways to do this. One way is to take out a physical Bible and teach kids how to find information in the table of contents, teach them to look up verses, and show them how to use a concordance. These are awesome skills that everyone should learn.

Another way to help children learn more about the Bible, is through online resources. I have several online resources linked in the “Bible” section of my website. And one that I'm featuring this month is called Adventure Bible.

Adventure Bible is a website, and a company, that has many resources for kids and families. There is a physical Adventure Bible that can be purchased for kids. It has pictures and fun fact boxes to give kids extra information about the Bible. There are Adventure Bible devotionals that are geared towards kids. There is also an Adventure Bible website. This is the focus of the blog post. On the Adventure Bible website, there are several easy to navigate buttons. The three main buttons are Games, Bible Activities and Bible Search.

The website is easy to navigate, so children could easily find what they are looking for. With the Bible Search tool, children can look up scripture references or keywords. This is similar to a concordance, but online instead of in a physical book. Some of the verses also have explanations or additional information to help students gain more understanding of complex topics.

Under the Games icon, children can pick from a variety of games. For example, there is a game called “Truth Quest”. This game involves a series of questions that students have to answer to test their knowledge of the Bible. There are questions about Creation, Books of the Bible, Jesus’ Miracles, Parables, and much more. In the game called “Leapin’ Lemur”, the kids have to guess letters to spell out a memory verse.

Under the Bible Activities icon, there are several things, such as trivia, crosswords, Bible studies, and word searches. Many of these things are printables, so teachers or parents could use these as extra activities for studying the Bible.

The Adventure Bible website has done a good job of making Bible information accessible to kids and also giving kids some fun activities to further their learning about the Lord. I’m always on the lookout for other great Bible resources to use with kids. If you have come across any, please let me know.

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