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Featured Website of the Month (Aug.): Spelling City

Updated: Aug 29, 2018


"Better late than never" was my mom's motto growing up and I guess that applies to me with this month's featured website! If you haven't discovered this one yet, you are missing out! Spelling City is a wonderful website/tool for teaching spelling. 

Here's how it works: simply type in your list of spelling words for the week and it will automatically generate games, tests, flash cards and more! You can also choose from pre-designed lists such as contractions, math words, analogies, etc. One feature that is really nice is the "Teach Me" feature. When you click on a word you want to learn, it will read the word aloud, spell it and use it in a sentence. Your students will LOVE the games! Games include word searches, hang mouse, audio word match, missing letter, word unscramble, test-n-teach, read-a-word, alphabetize and more! Another really neat feature is the "Handwriting" feature under "Games". This feature will generate worksheets for your students with their spelling words. But that's not all! You can choose to have the worksheets be in print, D'Neilian, cursive or even sign language! You can also choose to have it print the directional arrows so students know how to form the letters correctly. You can choose lowercase or uppercase letters, small, medium, or large font, and left or right aligned. All of the activities and features I mentioned above are just the free version! You can upgrade to a premium account and get even more games and features which is $30/year for a family and $50/year for a classroom. With the premium account teachers can create their own word lists for students to access from home.

Time to go check it out for yourself...!

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