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Fall Facebook Frenzy with 90+ FREEBIES!!!

Updated: Aug 29, 2018


I am so excited to tell you about this awesome event! The September Facebook Frenzy is full of amazing FREE products from over 90 teacher-authors! All you have to do is like their Facebook page and then you can download their free product (many of which are paid products in their stores) and then click on the next stop (see pic. below).

I am participating in the grade 2-3 hop and am giving away my Apple Literacy Activities which are $4.50 in my store (a 19 page download). You can start the grade 2-3 hop on my Facebook page and it will take you through all the stops. My product would also work great for grades 4-5! If you are interested in a different grade level you can find the start links on the image to the left

or click below: 

Here are some easy step by step instructions to help you get started on the "hop"! Don't forget there are 3 hops and you may just want to do them all (I know I am planning to since I will be homeschooling in the future)!


Like the Facebook page to gain access to the Freebie and to find out where the next stop is!

Grab your freebie (click on the link to download), then click the basket of apples to go to the next stop and repeat the steps!

Go to the Facebook page of the grade level hop you want to participate in. Click on the tab (under the header image) called "Fall FB Frenzy".

Now hurry up and grab your freebies! You have from now, Friday, Sept. 20 (8am EST) until Monday, September 23 (8pm EST)!

Join my free resource library! Click here!

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