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December Facebook Frenzy - K-12, Music & Clipart!

Updated: Aug 29, 2018


I'm participating in another fabulous Facebook frenzy! This time it's all about 4th grade! Did I mention I love 4th grade?! There are 13 awesome free resources with a winter theme specific to 4th grade. My resource is a math center activity called Holiday Discounts that teaches students about discount percentages and sale prices. It is a little on the advanced side so if you teach 5th grade you might

also want to take advantage of this frenzy! 

If this is your first Frenzy, just follow the 3 simple steps below to gather your freebies! And don't miss out on the other frenzy that are also taking place this weekend. Remember you only have from 8am (EST) on Dec. 6 until 8pm (EST) on Dec. 9 to grab all the freebies! Click here to go to my Facebook page and start the frenzy.


Click the Like button to gain access to the freebie. *If you are already a fan skip to step 3.

Grab your freebie (click on the link to download)! Next, click on the snowman to go to the next stop and repeat steps 1-3.

Go to my Facebook page (click image above). Click on the tab (under the header image) called "FB Frenzy".

Don't Teach 4th Grade? No Problem!

Below is a map of all the starting points for the different hops going on in this month's Facebook Frenzy. Simply click on an image to go to the start of each hop. If you can't get the links to work on the image below download this pdf and they should work.


Join my free resource library! Click here!

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