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15+ Fun Fall Crafts

Updated: May 18, 2023

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links which means if you purchase through the link I will receive a small commission. This helps keep my website up and running. Thank you!

Fall is officially here! Which means time for pumpkin-spice, fall colors, leaf art, and so much more! So I thought I’d put together a fun list of some fall crafts to do with your students. Check out some of these awesome fall craft ideas!

Tin Foil Painting

Use watercolour paints to paint the background. Let it dry. Cut out two long strips of tan or brown paper for the tree trunks and glue on. Then, crumple up a piece of tinfoil and dip it in fall colored tempera paint. The tinfoil becomes a paintbrush for dabbing on the leaves of the tree. Just make sure to tell kids to dab up and down. If they sweep side to side with the tinfoil, the paper rips and the tree ends up looking a little smudgy.

Chester the Racoon

There are SO many racoons out during the fall. One craft that I like to do is Chester the Raccoon from the book “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn (paid link). I read the book and then we do the craft. I precut all the pieces for my kids. You’ll need to precut:

  • Brown triangles for the ears

  • A pink triangle for the nose

  • A large brown rectangle for the lower face (mouth area)

  • A medium brown rectangle for the head

  • A black rectangle for the mask

  • Some white ovals for the eyes (or you could use googly eyes)

Have students place all the pieces on a blue piece of paper to make the shape of a raccoon face. Once the pieces are laid out how they want them to look students can glue them into place.

Bear with Fork

The bears are out in full force getting ready for winter hibernation. Why not have some fun and paint a picture of a bear….with a fork? I think all kids can get behind this fun painting project. Check out how to paint a bear with a fork on the Crafty Morning Blog

Paper Bag Owl

I like this paper bag owl as a fun craft. Plus the kids like playing with their puppet afterwards. I cut the pieces on construction paper and then the students glue them onto the paper bag. I usually draw the pieces freehand on construction paper but here is a link to a template you could use.

Pastel Leaves

Grab some pastels and teach your kids how to smudge around the outline of a leaf. This project might seem too simple, but trust me! The kids will love it. I have a friend who does this in her class every fall. The kids are obsessed with smudging the pastels and creating their leaves. They even ask to do more than one.

Art for Kids Hub

If your kids like to draw, then you should check out Art for Kids Hub. They do drawings for every occasion. Kids can follow along to a step-by-step video and learn how to draw different things. There are so many cute Fall Art for Kids Hub Drawings. Here are a few of my favorites:

Pastel Pumpkins

I love doing simple pumpkin art in the fall. I like to grab black construction paper and get the kids to draw the outline of a pumpkin on the paper. Then I get them to color it in using pastels. The colors really pop on the black construction paper.

Cute Acorn Crafts

How cute are these little acorns?! Head over to for a template, step-by-step instructions, and a video tutorial on how to make them.

Acorn Craft
Photo credit:

Tissue Paper Crafts

If you like using tissue paper to do crafts, check out this cute tissue paper tree or this adorable tissue paper pumpkin

Simple Pumpkin Art

Here's another simple paper pumpkin craft that's super cute and perfect for fall.

Thanksgiving Art

One of my favorite parts of the Fall season is Thanksgiving. Here are some awesome Thanksgiving turkey crafts.

Paper Bag Turkey

For this craft you will need a paper bag, six different colored feathers (cut out of construction paper), two eyes (paper or googly eyes), an orange paper triangle for the beak, and a red paper wattle for each student. Just pre-cut the pieces and have students glue them on their bag.

Pastel Turkey

On a piece of cardstock, use pastels to draw tail feathers. Then glue on a turkey body and face. 

Paper Plate Turkey

Grab some paper plates from the dollar store. Then use tempera paint to have students dot on different autumn colors. After the paint dries, glue on your turkey body and face. Voila! A fun and simple turkey!

Tree Crafts

If you’re looking for some fun crafts all about trees, check out these awesome tree crafts from “Fantastic Fun and Learning”.

What other fun fall themed crafts do your students enjoy? If you have some that aren't on my list I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments below! 

Want More Fun Fall Themed Activities? Here are a few of our Favorites...

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