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100+ Free Fonts for Commercial Use!


Who doesn't love free fonts? As a TpT seller, I have become more and more obsessed with fonts! Unique fonts are what make products stand out and keep kids interested. Sometimes it can be difficult to sort through free fonts and their terms of use (TOU). So, to help my fellow TpT friends, I have created a Pinterest board with over a hundred free fonts that have commercial use rights. Each font allows for commercial use as long as you give credit on your product's credit page with a link back to their store. No additional licensing is required. Some of the fonts do not require any credit. Be sure to read the TOUs of each font to make sure you give proper credit.  

I will continue adding free fonts to this board as I find them so be sure to follow the board if you enjoy fonts as much as me! Check out my

Need help learning how to install a font? No problem! The first step is to download a font that you want to install. Then find the .ttf file and simply double click on it and select "install font" (on a MAC). PC users will want to right click on the .ttf file and select "unzip" or "extract" and then "install font". Once you have installed a font you may need to restart your computer in order for your font menu to update. Click on the link below for further

Hope you found this information helpful! If you have found other fun free fonts for commercial use please share in the comments below! Thanks!


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