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World Autism Day 50% Off Sale - Sunday Only!


Hey Everyone! Did you know that today, Sunday, April 2nd, is World Autism Day? To celebrate a bunch of special educators are teaming up to bring you a GIANT (as in 50% off!) sale of teaching resources you can use with your students with autism. Check out the link-up below for all the products that will be 50% off today only! I'm putting two of my newest resources on sale.

Both of my products that will be on sale involve task analysis. Task analysis is the process of breaking down a task into smaller steps for students who struggle with multi-step directions. Steps can be taught one at a time until they are mastered. With mastery of each step the student becomes more independent in his/her ability to perform the larger skill/task. The first product is my task analysis cards. These cards use task analysis with visual checklists to teach everyday life skills (see the list of specific skills taught below).

For best results, print and laminate the cards. There are boxes in the top right corner of each picture are for you (or your student) to check off each step (or use stickers) as it is completed. Use vis-à-vis (wet erase) markers on the laminated cards. Place the laminated cards in easy to view places where the student will be completing each task (such as the bathroom mirror).

Six Task Analysis Cards are Included (each with six steps):  1. How to Wash Your Hands  2. Getting Ready for Bed (with three versions/options) 3. Getting Ready for School (with three versions/options) 4. Crossing the Street Safely  5. How to Pack a Lunch  6. How to Make Jelly Toast

The sequencing rings teach the same life skills but are broken down into even more steps for those that need more support. They are designed to be placed on a ring in order to isolate each step so students can focus on one step at a time. These also include a check box on the top of each card for students to mark off as they complete each step.

Check out all of the great products that will be on sale in the link-up below!


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