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Tips for Teachers Weekly Linky Party - Week 8


Welcome to week 8 of Tips for Teachers! I'm thinking this may be my last week for a while as I'm running out of tips for ya'll! LOL! I also have some other ideas for blog posts that I'd like to share with you and don't have time for both. I hope you have enjoyed them and I really appreciate everyone who has linked up these last two months!

You might have one of these babies hanging up in your home to store all those plastic bags you get at the store but have you ever thought of hanging one up in your classroom? You never know when you might need a plastic bag. I found that I used a lot when I was teaching. They were great for when students cleaned out their desks or lockers and had TONS of junk to take home. I once had a student who found 8 sweatshirts in his locker and 10 spoons. His mom said, "So that's where all our spoons went!" Needless to say we used quite a few bags for his locker :) 

I think we used the most bags on the last day of school when everyone cleaned out their desks and lockers for the last time. You could hang this bag storage thingy (sorry I don't know the official name) on your wall (if allowed) or inside a cupboard door or on

the inside (underneath) your desk.

Use timers to keep students on task (an oldie but a goodie tip). This is a good strategy to remember to use with students during center time rotations, independent work, free play time and more. I would often use these in my resource room setting with one student or a small group of students. I really like the Time Timers because of the red visual that disappears as the time decreases. Since many students are visual this can be a

tremendous help (especially for students with Autism).  

Narrow your Google search by using +/- and quotation marks "". For example, if I'm looking for a big dog that doesn't shed and isn't black, I could type: dogs+large breeds -black "non-shedding". You can also find the definition of words by typing in Define: followed by the word you want defined (i.e. Define: Condensation). You can also use Google search box as a calculator. Just type in the problem you want solved and it will give you the answer. Convert units by typing in the number, unit, "into", and the unit you want

to convert to (i.e. 1 cup into tsp).

Set high expectations for students. I always try to air on the side of high expectations for students. Some students need a little push to achieve more than they think they can. Your expectations should be reasonable but also stretch students to achieve. Work ethic is one of the most important qualities you can teach/instill. With the right combination of work ethic, drive/ambition, knowledge and tools students can achieve anything they set their mind to. Teach them that and they will build a confidence to do great things!

Shut off the T.V., close your computer and read a book or go to bed early! Spend quality time with your loved ones! A few years ago we decided to "get rid" of our T.V. (T.V. service). I thought it was going to be really hard to give up watching all my favorite shows and that I would be extremely bored. That was not the case at all! That is when I started this website and my TpT store and became a BSF children's leader. We have since gotten Apple T.V. (my hubby couldn't go without sports) but I rarely watch any. I challenge you to try going without T.V. for 21 days (they say that is how many days it takes to develop a habit) and see if you miss it! Who knows, you may just love it! Okay, now I'm going to take

my own advice and go to bed, LOL!

Please read the guidelines for linking up here first! Thanks!

Linky Tools subscription expired. List not available.For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith Jehovah, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you hope

in your latter end. - Jeremiah 29:11 (ASV)

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