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Thursday Throw Down Linky: Interactive Social Studies and Math

Today, I'm linking up with I'm Lovin Lit to bring you some interactive learning ideas! I am a big fan of hands-on, multi-sensory learning. The more you can engage students by making learning interactive and fun, the better! 

Games are a great way to make learning interactive. Here is an example of one of the games I use.

These are my states and capitals manila envelope games. There are five different games. Each game has a game board, game sheet, game cards, and an answer key. Students pull out the cards and game sheet. Each game sheet has a list of states and capitals.

Students must match up the state (letter) with its capital (number). When they have matched them all up they turn the cards over to reveal a pattern. Then they pull out the answer key and check to make sure the pattern matches in which case they know they have answered correctly. I have created a similar game for math conversions.

Another fun interactive activity for learning about the 50 states that I've created are my 50 state symbol flip books! These are a great way for students to learn about each state's symbols. There is even a place for them to draw the state seal and label the capital. 

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