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Beginning of the year checklist
Grab this free teacher checklist at the end of this post!

Getting ready for a new school year can be a LOT of work! There are papers to run off, school supplies to sort, students to welcome, parents to inform, meetings to attend, and on and on. It can be overwhelming to try to keep track of everything that needs to be completed before your little learners step foot into your classroom for the first time. Well, I created a little freebie that I hope will help!

At the beginning of each school year I would list out all of the things I had to do before the start of school. Items on my list included running off monthly activity pages, updating my back to school information page for parents, scheduling field trips, printing class lists, sending welcome letters to students, etc. 

This became a very helpful resource for the following school year as I wouldn't have to remember everything because it was all written down for me! I would simply go through my checklist and make any edits necessary for the upcoming school year and then check them off as I accomplished them. It also helped me gauge how much I had left to do so I could pick away at tasks over the summer and not get bogged down with to dos in August.

I put together this simple beginning of the year checklist freebie for you all with spaces for 100 to dos! I included an editable version so you can type your to dos and save them each year. I recommend doing a "Save As" with each new school year (ie: 2013 Beginning of the Year Checklist). I also found it helpful to be detailed in my to dos (ie: Make manila envelopes for Mail [10" x 13" clasp envelopes], write students' names on them, laminate, and paste comments page on them.). This way I would remember EXACTLY how I did things from year to year and wouldn't have to rely on my not so reliable memory. I hope this will be a helpful tool for you. Praying you have a wonderful school year!

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