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Math Center Money Games & Freebie!

What student doesn't love playing games? That's why I'm excited to tell you about my latest product, math center money games! I designed these four math games so that they could be used by individual students (in a homeschool setting like my own) or with partners (or teams). They will work well in a math center for spare time activities or early finishers. Each game can be made into a manila envelope game or a file folder game. I like these kinds of games because students can just grab an envelope, bring it back to their desk and have everything they need to complete the activity. Following is a

breakdown of each of the games included.

Money Munchers

In this game students spin a spider spinner to land on a coin (front side) and find the matching fly (back side of coin or its value) on the spider web game board. Note: You can just use a pencil and paper clip for your spinner. There are several spider spinners included (fronts of coins, backs of coins, value of coins written in number form, values of coins written in word form, names of coins and tally mark values). There are also three spider web game boards included (fronts of coins, backs of coins and values of coins). Students play until all the flies have been covered with bingo chips. If students play with a partner they can each have a game board and add up their total values to determine a winner.

Materials needed: manila envelope (or file folder) Money Munchers game, pencil, paper clip and bingo chips.

School Supply Backpack Fill

In this game students each student gets a backpack. Lay out all the school supply cards (that include price tags). Students roll a die three times to determine which coins they get to purchase a school supply item. *Optional: For students who need more concrete visuals provide fake coins and dollar bills so they can keep track of their coins from each of the three rolls. Then they place their school supply item on their backpack. If they do not have enough money to buy an item they skip a turn. Students start back at $0 for each new turn. Play until all cards are gone. The player with the greatest value in their backpack wins. If you laminate the game board students can use vis-a-vis markers to write the total value on their game board. You can use a regular die or make it extra fun with

a jumbo one like the one pictured below.

Materials needed: manila envelope (or file folder) School Supply Backpack Fill game, one die, (optional: fake coins and dollar bills), vis-a-vis marker.

Piggy Piggy Bank Roll

For this game students roll a die to determine which coin to put in their piggy bank. Once each player's piggy bank is full they add up their coins. The player with the greatest value wins!

Materials needed: manila envelope (or file folder) Piggy Piggy Bank Roll game, one die, vis-a-vis marker.

'Pop'Coin Values

In this game students spin a spinner to land on a coin. They place a bingo chip on the matching 'pop'coin back side or value (depending on the game board they pick). There are four game boards included for this game. If students play with a partner they can each pick out a game board. The first person to cover all their 'pop'coins wins!

Materials needed: manila envelope (or file folder) 'Pop'Coin Values game, pencil, paper clip, and bingo chips.

Thanks for Reading!

You can find all of these math center money games in my TpT store by clicking on the image below. And as promised, here is your freebie - found in my free resource library! Hope your students enjoy!


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