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Introducing Tips for Teachers Weekly Linky Party!


I am excited to introduce to you all my newest blog series, "Tips for Teachers: A Weekly Linky Party". Each week I will publish a new "Tips for Teachers" post (I'm thinking on Tuesdays) with my own teacher tips and then ask you to link up your teaching tips blog posts. All you have to do is include the linky image (pictured above) in your blog post and use the images included in the zip file (which you can find at the end of this post) to show off your tips. I wanted to make this linky as simple as possible so I've included 5 categories of tips for you: organizational tips, management tips, technology tips, teaching tips and random tips.

I know that when you are teaching some weeks can be crazy busy and others may be more relaxed so for my weekly linky you can chose how many tips and which categories you would like to include in your post each week! If you only have time for one tip some weeks, no problem! If you want to include a tip for all five categories each week, great! I am going to try to include one simple tip for each category each week but what you want to include is up to you! Below I have explained in more detail what each category looks like. Please let me know if you have any questions along the way!

This category should include a tip to help teacher's organize anything from classroom materials to teaching strategies. Include pictures with your tip if you have them! You could find a neat idea on Pinterest and share it as your tip if you run out of ideas! Just remember not to use any pics from Pinterest in your blog post as you may run into copyright issues. Instead, tell us about the idea and link to it if it's not one of your own original ideas. 

This category is for any tips related to managing a classroom. This tip could include a behavior management idea such as how you use a clip chart in your classroom. The management tip could be about an incentive program or reward system or time management. Some of the categories could overlap a little as you could describe how to "manage" teaching materials (which could also be an organizational tip). It is really up to you what you want to include for a tip in each category. These are just some ideas to get you started!

Use this category to tell about a simple keyboard shortcut you found or create a mini-tutorial to teach how to do something on the computer. Tell us how you use a certain type of technology in your classroom such as the iPad. You could share a neat app that you found helpful as well. Share how you clean your technology or store it or set it up. 

This category is for anything "teaching" related. You could give a tip that deals with a teaching strategy or how to teach a certain concept (like telling time). You could tell how you use a certain item (like popsicle sticks) to teach a concept (such as place value). Again the possibilities are endless!

This category is more for fun and doesn't have to be teaching related. For example, you could tell about the best way to crack an egg (which I will be sharing with you next week!) I consider this category the fun and interesting tips that we may have never known but could actually be very useful or maybe to just make us laugh!


That's it! Simple and easy yet very helpful! I think teachers are really going to enjoy these posts as I know I will love reading them too! *This linky party is has been completed. Thanks to everyone who participated! You can still read all the posts here.

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Gia Waters
Gia Waters
Aug 24, 2021

Hello mate great blog ppost

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