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Featured Website(s) of the Month (Sept.): Teacher Discounts

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Whoever said teachers were under valued and under appreciated? This might be true of your well meaning friend who jokes about your cush job with vacation time and summer's off who's never set foot in your classroom, graded 30 essays on a Saturday, or frozen outside in a blizzard during recess duty! 

Well, apparently not everyone has this same view of teachers. The business world in particular has definitely done their part in making teachers feel appreciated. When I was teaching, I loved to get a discount on teaching supplies at Office Max or Staples but I never heard of all the companies that give teacher discounts! After doing some digging I came across some great lists that I'd like to share with you today. I was very surprised to see discounts for teachers on everything from the obvious teaching/office supplies to clothing and even vacations! There are discounts on food and clothing items, furniture, insurance, free admission to certain theme parks and museums, free DVDs, and even discounts on wedding photography! 

Check out the following links for a list of all the teacher discounts:

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