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Birthday Fun & Giveaway Winners!!!

Updated: Aug 29, 2018


My husband threw me a surprise party last weekend for my birthday and took me to the shooting range where my family and friends surprised me. We had a blast shooting clay pigeons. I haven't been out shooting for a while so I was a bit rusty! I got 11 clays and my hubby got 14 (I didn't think it was very nice of him to beat me on my birthday). I told him we need to have a re-match soon (maybe on his birthday in a few weeks;) 

Thank you all so much for making my birthday so special with this giveaway! I had so much fun and now I have over 100 followers which means I may have to do another giveaway soon:) I hope you all will enjoy following my blog! I do a featured website each month for teachers which a lot of people have enjoyed. I also give organizational tips for teachers as well as video tutorials for TpT sellers. I'm hoping to add some other fun new items (I'm open to suggestions). I love how others are doing featured freebies so I think I might work on incorporating that one next so stay tuned!  

And now what you've all been waiting for! The winners of my 30th B-Day Giveaway are... K-3 Prize Pack goes to Erin Beattie 4-8 Prize Pack goes to Kathryn Elder TpT Sellers Prize Pack goes to Karen Moler Congratulations! Make sure to check your email soon for all of your prizes!

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