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Lost and Found Label.png

Lost & Found Basket Label

How many times have you heard, "I can't find my pencil"? Instead of wasting time each day in search of missing items, I have found that having a lost in found basket can really help! Whenever a students finds an item that doesn't belong to them they place it in the lost and found basket. Then when a student finds that they are missing something they can quickly and quietly check the lost and found! This cute label fits nicely on the front of any small pencil or paper basket.

What's Included in my Classroom Labels Set?

Labels for everything in your classroom! There are 160 classroom supply labels included in this product along with 10 blank labels for you to create your own custom labels. Now includes all labels with two font style choices! Labels range from office and craft supplies like paper clips and popsicle sticks to subject area labels like everything for math, science, language arts and even technology labels.

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