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Editable Checklist & Chore Chart

I give my kids a chore checklist each day to complete starting at age 3. The younger kids start with the simple chart (found at the end) that I fill in each day with up to three different jobs like hold the dust pan for your brother while he sweeps, match up the shoes and put them away, put your laundry away, etc. 


For the older kids ages 5+ I give them a chore chart that has 4 tasks to be completed every day (read the Bible, practice piano, do their math, read 3 or more books - we use this reading incentive program). Then I also give them up to 5 additional chores that I write in each day depending on what needs to be done. Some additional chores might include: sweep the floor, clear and wash table after meals, water the plants, vacuum your room, clean the toilet, put your laundry away, etc.


The goal is for each kid to complete their checklist before dinner. If they bring it to me completed (and I’ve confirmed they’ve completed each task) they earn a quarter. It’s amazing how motivated my kids will be for a quarter! I also like it because they are practicing math skills and learning about money. When they get four quarters, they can trade them in for a dollar. They can also learn about saving, tithing, giving, and more. 


I also found that my 3 year old was not motivated by a quarter because he has no concept of money yet so I had to use treats or other rewards to motivate him.


These checklists are completely editable so you can customize them however you’d like to suit your own needs. Enjoy!

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