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Disability Awareness Booklet

Teach your students about disabilities with this fun booklet! Simple, kid-friendly descriptions and clipart make these complex disabilities more understandable for students. 

Disabilities Covered in this Booklet Include:

1. Visual Impairments
2. Hearing Impairments
3. Autism
4. Learning Disabilities
5. Physical Impairments
6. Emotional Impairments
7. Speech & Language Impairments
8. Cognitive Impairments

There is also a bonus page on anti-bullying included.

So Many Ways to Use Them!

  • National Learning Disabilities Awareness Month - October

  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month - October

  • Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month - March 

  • Large or Small Group Instruction


  • Friendship Circles

  • Anti-Bullying Program

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