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Sequence and Write

Do your students struggle with sequencing? Often times, students are asked to read a paragraph or short story and sequence a set of pictures based on what they've read. This only allows for one correct answer and can cause frustration to those students who always seem to get one picture out of order. In pairing sequencing with writing, students are given more opportunities for success! Students get to decide the order they think makes the most logical sense. As long as students can explain the order they chose in a way that makes sense their answer is correct (even if their order is different from a classmate's order). 

For example, if the three pictures are ingredients, an oven, and a pie, most students will put the ingredients first, the oven second, and the pie last and explain that, "first you mix the ingredients, next you put the pie in the oven to bake, and last you take the pie out and eat it". However, some students may put the oven first, then the ingredients, and the pie last. If in their explanation they write, “first you preheat the oven, next you mix the ingredients and last you bake the pie” this would also be an acceptable answer. 


Use these no prep Sequence and Write cut and paste activities as a fun way to teach critical thinking skills and practice creative writing. 

What's Included in the Sequence and Write Bundle?

There are two sets of Sequence and Write activities included in this bundle and each set includes 30 Sequence and Write cut and paste activities. Students cut out the three pictures on each page and put them in sequential order. Then they write and explain the order of events using the starters, "first", "next" and "last". These pages provide insight into students' thought processes as students must come up with a logical order for each picture set. 

So Many Ways to Use Them!

  • Morning Work

  • Homework

  • Response to Intervention (RTI)

  • Large or Small Group Instruction

  • Independent Practice

  • Literacy Center

  • Daily 5

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