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Winter Sight Word Warm-Ups

Engage your students in learning this winter with these fun winter sight word warm ups! Students color the sight word, write it, read a sentence with the word in it, trace the word, graph the word and find it in a maze. For the graphing section, have students use a pencil and a paper clip as the spinner. Place the paper clip on the spinner and the pencil tip in the center of the spinner over the paper clip. Students flick the paper clip around the pencil with their finger and graph the word it lands on. Students can keep graphing words until they have graphed five of the given sight word. Note if they land on a word more than five times but haven’t reach five of the given sight word they can skip that word and spin again. For the maze section, students draw a line through the maze connecting the start point to the sight word. 

I have included mazes that are Christmas themed, generic winter themed and Valentines themed so you can use these throughout the winter. 

What's Included in the Winter Sight Words Bundle?

These pages cover the 100 most frequently used words in the English language according to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary (11th Edition). The sight words covered include: the, be, to, of, and, a, in, that, have, I, it, for, not, on, with, he, as, you, do, at, this, but, his, by, from, they, we, say, her, she, or, an, will, my, one, all, would, there, their, what, so, up, out, if, about, who, get, which, go, me, when, make, can, like, time, no, just, him, know, take, person, into, year, your, good, some, could, them, see, other, than, then, now, look, only, come, its, over, think, also, back, after, use, two, how, our, work, first, well, way, even, new, want, because, any, these, give, day, most and us. 

So Many Ways to Use Them!

  • Morning Work

  • Homework

  • Response to Intervention (RTI)

  • Large or Small Group Instruction

  • Independent Practice

  • Spare Time Activity

  • Literacy Center

  • Daily 5

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