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Writing Checklist

This writing checklist is perfect for younger students who are learning to write. Give them the visual cues they need to remember to start each sentence with a capital letter, use correct spacing (one finger length), include the correct punctuation end marks and to write neatly. This freebie includes a colored and black and white version for your printing preferences. Use the colored option to create a beautiful poster to display in your classroom and the black and white version for students to use as they work on their writing. 

Check out my Best-Selling Writing Centers!

Build-A-Story Writing Center

My #1 best-selling resource! This writing center makes story writing a breeze with picture prompts for settings, characters and events. It's loads of fun and teachers love it! "Best purchase I have made. I use this as part of our centers and my students always love it. They love coming up with their own silly stories. Love it, if you haven't purchased it yet, you definitely should! It helps the students use their creativity skills" - Kayla S.

Build-A-Story Writing Center 2

Same as build-a-story 1 but with all new pictures and teachers equally love it! "How many ways can I say thank you? This is absolutely perfect! I can't wait to start using this with my students who struggle to come up with ideas to write about." - Sarah M.

Sequencing Sort Writing Center

Do your students struggle with sequencing? Often times, students are asked to read a paragraph or short story and sequence a set of pictures based on what they've read. This only allows for one correct answer and can cause frustration to those students who always seem to get one picture out of order. In pairing sequencing with writing, students are given more opportunities for success! "Used this as a literacy center when I began teaching instructional writing to my kids. It really helped them make sense of ordering and writing about each step." - Athena O.

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