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Here are a few great websites that include all subject areas. I didn't know where to include these websites since they reach across so many different subject areas so I decided to make a section called "All". If you are looking for websites on a specific subject area you will find more under that tab (i.e. Math).

Teachers Pay Teachers
This website has thousands of awesome resources created by teachers for teachers! You can find over 100,000 free products on any topic as well!

Games to Practice Skills
Need to practice a particular skill? This website is full of fun games to help you do just that!

Funbrain Games
Tons of fun games to get your brain working!

Lots of games to learn letters, numbers, reading, computers, Spanish, art, and more for grades K-5.

Free Rice
Try this website to brush up on anything from vocabulary, math facts, geography, art, Spanish and more. The best thing about this site is that for every question you answer correctly, ten grains of rice will be donated to the poor. How many grains can you donate?

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