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TpT Goal Setting for 2015 - FREE Chart!


As the new year quickly approaches now is a great time to sit down and write out some

goals for the upcoming year! I was inspired to do just that while reading in the TpT forum about others' goals. Goal are a great way to keep focused and to strive for excellence. When writing goals keep the following in mind.              

Goals should be specific (see the example below from my Reading Fluency and Goal Setting Posters, Charts & Graphs). Keep in mind that long-term goals can be a little more generic. Goals should also be attainable; don't reach for the stars if you don't have a space ship! However, attainable doesn't mean easy! Make your goals something that will push you while keeping them within reason. And finally, goals should be measurable. Come up with a plan for how you will measure your goals' success. If you buy a promotional spot on TpT, record your sales, views, wish listed items, etc. the day before the promotion and the day after to determine if the spot paid off. If you do Facebook promotions track the time of day when you have the most interaction. You get the idea!

While working on my own TpT goals for the new year, I came up with this little chart that I thought I'd share with my TpT friends. I have included two versions, one that includes instagram as a marketing tool and one without (since I have yet to venture down that road). 

I hope this chart will help you create some goals that will keep you focused in 2015! Click on the image above to download. Happy New Year to you all :)

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