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How to get your Homeschool Students Excited about Reading

Reading is a fun activity many students enjoy. But what if your homeschool students aren’t as thrilled about it as they could be? Here’s how to get your students excited about reading.

Play Games Involving Reading Skills Get your students excited about reading by playing games that involve readings skills. You can make up your own homeschool readings games, use reading game software, or buy board games with reading skills online or at your local teacher store. Outdoor games or those that involve physical activity can be especially useful, as it can get their adrenaline going and help them better concentrate and get more excited about learning.

Join Reading Clubs and Programs

Many libraries have reading clubs that homeschool students can join to encourage reading. Usually, there are prizes at various levels, with an ultimate prize for a local restaurant or venue. There are also book clubs kids can join to receive a certain number of books in the mail each month. You can also find online clubs for your homeschool students to get them excited about reading.

Let Your Students Choose Their Books

If you’re still looking for more ideas on how to get your students excited about reading, consider letting them choose their own books. When kids have the freedom to make their own decisions, it can often enhance their creativity skills and desires to do read. Obviously, some assignments may require specific books. But you can take advantage of all of the instances where that’s not the case to help your kids stay excited about reading.

Make a Mini Homeschool Student Library

This is another fun way to get your students excited about reading. What better way to ensure they read than to have a large collection of books to choose from? Your kids can help you create a mini homeschool library in their own home. If you want to make it even more fun, they can help you design a check-out system, so that they can learn library skills and have fun at the same time.

Have a Daily Family Reading Circle

This is a fun family activity that also ties into school. A daily family reading circle is a fun way to interact with and get your students excited about reading. The whole family can sit in a circle on the floor or wherever comfortable and read together. Older children can read to younger children or parents and children can take turns reading by passing a book around the circle. Be consistent in ensuring this happens daily to keep up the practice and example for your kids. This is not only a wonderful bonding activity, but one that highlights the importance of reading daily. 

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