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Featured Website of the Month (June): Free Rice

Updated: Aug 29, 2018


Why not help end world hunger while you learn? That is exactly what you can do on this non-profit website set up to support the United Nations World Food Programme. Each question you answer correctly results in 10 grains of rice being donated to the World Food Programme. Students can watch their bowl of rice grow as they answer questions correctly. It is a lot of fun and quite addicting when you know you are doing a good thing and helping to feed the poor. What a great way to motivate students to learn! There are a variety of subject areas including humanities, English, math, chemistry, world languages, sciences, geography, and even SAT test prep. Questions start off at one level and if a student gets one wrong they immediately see the correct answer and are given an easier question next. Questions that were answered incorrectly show up again so students can learn the correct answers. If students get an answer correct they get a harder question. You can even join groups of people from around the world and team up to see how much you can donate. All the funding for the rice comes through sponsor's advertisements on the website. 

For each subject area, students are given a question and four multiple choice answers. I really enjoyed the English vocabulary questions. One question for example says, "wreck means... laugh softly, hold, ruin, or figure out". This is a great way to build your vocabulary! I had a lot of fun seeing how many grains of rice I could get while researching the site to write about it. I think I got up to 2,500 something and then I had to go to bed! Another nice feature is that if you change subject areas or maneuver around the website, whenever you go back to answering questions your total grains will still be the same (as long as you don't leave the page). They also have an option for you to sign in which I'm assuming means you could keep adding to your total and never lose the count. Okay, enough talk...go to the website and see how much rice you can donate!

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